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Chris Bailey -Lifelong President


A man with ideas and a vision, it was Chris' vision to set up the Swadlincote Festival of Transport to provide a venue for motor clubs and classic car enthusiasts to meet and present their cars in an environment with was suitable and could gather huge crowds of people and families to learn about these classic vehicles. Founder of a local motor club, it was Chris' determination and love of motor cars which got this project of the ground.  

Kevin Middleton -Chair


Our Chairman Kevin Middleton is a motorsport enthusiast, racer and has a great many classic vehicles which he has lovingly restored. In the pursuit of charity and getting the Swadlincote Festival of Transport off the ground. He has worked tireless behind the scenes to ensure that Swadlincote Festival of Transport runs smoothly. 

Robert Coe -Project Manager (Bus)


A visionary and a highly charitable man, Robert Coe, our bus project manager have invested his time and effort into making life better for the people of Derbyshire. It was his worry about the lack of services the rural community which has driven the bus project to the point where we are nearly ready to introduce to the world the Community Engagement Bus. Having been part of the project and SFOT since its inception, it is his steadying hand which had the good fortune to help our president in his vision. 

Kim Coe -Secretary


Highly Charitable and loveable to the core, our Secretary Kim Coe is the administrative muscle behind the Swadlincote Festival of Transport. It is her work behind the scenes which has driven the Swadlincote Festival of Transport to the success it has become. 

Sebastian Coe -Treasurer


Our new Treasurer Sebastian Coe is a young and enthusiastic addition to the team who had volunteered and has supported the project since its inception.  With his classical university education and his A level in Business, he is an excellent help behind the scenes and in the promotion of Swadlincote Festival of Transport in 21st century. He is passionate about promoting SFOT and the classic cars for the next  generation and ensuring the money SFOT raises goes to worthwhile local causes.  



Contact our Secretary Kim Coe for any questions!